Simulation Theory on the Hollywood Broadwalk

Today’s MyXXFLY story-time begins with dreams of escaping the conveyor belt of conformity and a trip to Hollywood! No, not the star-studded, west coast, tinsel town, impersonator’s on the walk of fame, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood. The flourishing east coast, five o’clock somewhere, no fucks, Margaritaville, uber tan white people looking like brown roasted chickens, Hollywood. South Florida to be exact.

Within this woven tapestry of daquiris, bikinis, 80 degrees and breezy, is the simulation theory at work. If you checked out our post, Physics, Reality, and the Spiritual World, you may already know where this is going, if not, here’s a brief synopsis. The world of quantum physics is a strange and wondrous place filled with idiosyncrasies, paradoxes, and what the fuck moments, counter-intuitive to every law you think applies to our universe. Spooky action at a distance if you will. The simulation theory in relation to human existence posits that we are a script running within a computer simulation. Humanity has already evolved to an extent that we have created hyper-realistic environments indistinguishable from “real life” and we are living in but one of these simulations. This theory has been tested time and again and a prominent portion of the greatest thinkers in the scientific community have looked at the data, and totally buy it. Einstein himself, who argued against the idea for the majority of his adult life, caved before his passing.

Yup, you (and everything you know, love, and hate) are possibly “living” in a hyper-realistic future version of the Sims. This very real scientific theory which sounds bananas until you let it marinate, has seeped it’s way into popular culture time and time again. The Matrix made it into a trilogy, Inception mind-fucked you with it, and the Netflix series Black Mirror, took the ball and ran it into the uncanny valley end-zone. So whether you realize it or not, the notion that we live in a simulated reality is not entirely foreign to you.

So what does this have to do with Hollywood Florida? Well, on this particular weekend, unencumbered by the day job, and invigorated by the rare bounty of free-time at our disposal, Frank and I drove over to the gorgeous Hollywood beach broadwalk to catch some much-needed sun. But nowadays, my free-time is always laced with a bit of MyXXFLY work and so, we made a pit-stop at Buffalo Exchange before shooting this particular look on the beach.

Buffalo Exchange is a consignment shop where you can buy, sell, and trade your thrifted, vintage, and designer threads. Wait, you mean a sustainable style heaven filled to the brim with second-hand flyness as far as the eye can see? Be-still my eco-friendly fashion heart! For the MyXXFLY team this was the perfect spot to get broadwalk cash by selling some inventory that didn’t make the cut for our shop. Yeah, you read correctly. We’re currently working on stocking our shop with fly double-x duds, and Buffalo Exchange gives you cash for clothes. I know right? You can hardly contain the excitement. Me neither bro.

If we’re friends in real life, or you at least feel like you know me from my musings on the internet, odds are you’ve already guessed that I’m a child of the universe, collective unconscious, go with the flow bruja. The simulation theory of physics has fascinated me ever since I first fell down the rabbit hole and first learned it was a thing. You see, my educational background is in psychology, my upbringing was slathered in a healthy dose of spiritual anomalies, and trying to reconcile science and religion was the dance of my young adulthood. Coupled with my personal experiences and existential conjectures, the simulation theory felt right at home in my head and heart.

Have you ever heard about aligning your frequency with your goals and desires? Vibrating on a level where you manifest them? Well, the goal I’ve been working toward for a year now, is turning art into my primary source of income. I surround myself with characters who are passionate about what they do, and who inspire me with their hustle, but as any working artist will tell you, art is a thankless job. You do it, because it fuels your fire, because your well-being, sanity, and very existence are contingent on the creative process, but making a livelihood off of it? The struggle is real.

So on this day, Frank and I drove over to Hollywood, with the intention of selling four bags full of clothing and donating the rest. A step that, in my own life as the child of a hoarder, was huge in and of itself. I was so fucking excited, giddy even, and even if we only made 20 bones, this was a step in the right direction, right? Well, we got to Hollywood bright and early only to find that an earlier bird with boxes full of stuff got the worm, and so we waited in the lobby. And as the early bird spoke with the store’s lovely buyer Monet, about personal projects, about art, about her big move out of town, I began connecting the dots and realized I knew who the fuck this early bird was.

Kelly Framel, stylist and blogger of The Glamourai, whose website was go-to on my bookmarks bar for years. I read her blog all through college alongside staples like the Sartorialist, and Karla’s Closet, and figured I might even run into her when she moved to Miami. While our paths never crossed at the PAMM or Art Basel, a tweak in the algorithm of my life put her square in my path on an unlikely Friday morning in Hollywood, hours before her permanent move to New York City.

I told her about MyXXFLY and her blogging influence on my young adulthood, hooked her up with a sticker, and wished her luck on her impending move. This random encounter, while inconsequential to some, was pivotal for me. It was a glaring sign that I am on the right path, poetic synchronicity. Whatever force motivated me to continue shedding my material possessions and choose Hollywood for a shoot on that particular day, shifted the frequency of my life and gave me some much needed momentum. During the wait, I was inspired by the Buffalo Exchange zine, and their Tucson AZ roots which now reach across the entire U.S. I was inspired by the stories of the patrons and staff who were brimming full of style, creative talent, and kindness. Not only was this day an exercise in stepping out of my comfort zone and making the pitch, but, it afforded me other opportunities  and valuable information within the walls of that Buffalo Exchange, that had I not spoken up to Kelly, I would’ve never even known about after she left.

So what the fuck does any of this have to do with physics and the simulation theory? Well, the underlying current of this story, is the power of human consciousness to create reality, an idea not at all foreign in the scientific data of physics although still pretty controversial. If we are living in a simulation, much like The Sims, then there are certain physical laws and limitations to our live-action “gameplay”, woven into the “data” or “code” of our lives. The thing about computer code is, it can be changed, and not only that, it is superficial. Limitations are a fallacy, life is more akin to a dream than to what we regard as waking life, and success is illusory, there is only consciousness. It is up to us to realize that there are no limits in this world. Limits are constructs of the mind, taught, or programmed into us, and these learned behaviors can be unlearned if we tune into a higher frequency. Much like shamans, or Buddhist monks, with the ability to alter physical reality through mind-states, we can tap into the frequency of intuition by trusting the internal compass that will guide our actions down the path of enlightenment. So next time you find yourself in St. Somewhere, inspired by the Hollywood broadwalk and sea-spray, realize that your reality can be anything you want it to be, your mind is the key that unlocks the possibilities. Until next week, revel in the ocean breeze, believe in your dreams, and keep your double-x fly.


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  1. May says:

    Living in a simulation almost sound like a memory from a dream, a reality too far fetched to be real. 🤔 But it makes me think. Thanks for that. 👊🏽

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